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Naturalism Food Labs: Leading the Pack as a Top Food & Beverage D2C Startup

We at Naturalism Food Labs are honoured to be as one of India's Top 10 Best Food & Beverages D2C Startups for 2023.

Naturalism Food Labs Pvt Ltd

As a direct-to-consumer food and beverage manufacturing and service company, this recognition validates our mission to provide high-quality, all-natural products made from organic and locally-sourced ingredients. Through innovative recipes and sustainable practices, we aim to bring the freshest, healthiest snacks and beverages to customers across India. Our growth and success thus far would not have been possible without the support of our dedicated team, loyal customers, and visionary investors who believed in us from the very beginning. While still a young startup, we are proud of how far we've come and excited for what the future may hold as we continue to gain momentum in India's booming food and beverage sector. The journey ahead promises to be filled with new opportunities, challenges, and rewards as we work to scale our operations and positively impact more lives through better food and beverage.

Naturalism Food Labs’ Healthy Journey

As co-founders of Naturalism Food Labs Private Limited, we are honored to be nominated as one of the top 10 Best Food and Beverage D2C Startups in India for 2023. Over the past two years, our company has persevered through the massive hit of COVID-19 while also opening 23 stores across Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane. Our next goal is to expand globally and open 100+ stores, creating a proudly veg one-stop shop for customers with more nutritious, healthy, and natural food options, especially with options available for Jains.

Our mission was to be recognized as a trusted leading player in the food industry in the segment of wholesome, nutritious, and natural food, with a domestic and international presence. We started with a small team of passionate food enthusiasts and built the company from the ground up. Through dedication and hard work, we overcame many obstacles and scaled the business.

At Naturalism Food Labs Private Limited, we provide pocket-friendly menu, quick-serving restaurants with a variety of nutritious, healthy, and natural fast food options for all age groups. Our menu offers popular Indian street food favorites like chaat, sandwiches, grilled sandwiches, multigrain rolls, and pizzas — all made fresh in-house with the highest quality, natural ingredients.

We attribute our success thus far to our devoted team, loyal customers, and commitment to fresh, high-quality food at affordable prices. Looking ahead, we aim to bring the Naturalism Food Labs Private Limited experience to new cities and countries, allowing more people around the world to enjoy wholesome Indian fast food. The future is bright, and we are just getting started.

Vision and Values: Committed for Freshness, Nutrition and Taste

As the founders of Naturalism Food Labs Private Limited, we are committed for providing nutritious, healthy and natural food options to our customers. Our vision and values center around:

  • Freshness: We source the freshest, highest-quality ingredients to ensure maximum nutrition and flavor in all of our products. We have direct relationships with local farmers and suppliers to obtain fresh produce and ingredients.

  • Nutrition: Our menu focuses on whole, unprocessed foods packed with nutrients. We avoid artificial additives, preservatives and genetically modified organisms. Our meals are balanced and meant to nourish the body and mind.

  • Taste: While nutrition is a top priority, we also aim to create food that tastes delicious. Our culinary team experiments with herbs, spices and cooking techniques to develop unique, flavorful recipes our customers will love.

  • Responsibility: We strive to operate in a sustainable and ethical manner. We compost food waste, use eco-friendly packaging and cleaning products, and donate excess food to local charities. We treat all staff, customers and partners with dignity and respect.

  • Innovation: We are constantly improving our menu, systems and customer experience. We stay on the cutting edge of food, beverage and restaurant trends to provide an innovative experience that meets the needs of health-conscious individuals.

Our vision and values have been instrumental to our success over the years. As we look to expand across India and globally, they will continue guiding us to become a trusted leader in the nutritious, healthy and natural food space. We hope to make a positive impact through the promotion of wellness, sustainability and community.

Overcoming Challenges: COVID-19 and Expansion

Overcoming Unforeseen Challenges

As a startup in the food and beverage industry, we have faced our fair share of difficulties in getting Naturalism Food Labs off the ground. The major challenges we have had to overcome were the COVID-19 pandemic and managing rapid growth.

When COVID-19 hit, we had to temporarily halt operations and furlough employees to ensure everyone’s safety. However, we were determined to persevere. We implemented strict health and safety protocols, enabling us to reopen and call our team back getting each team member vaccinated. We also accelerated our direct-to-consumer (D2C) e-commerce channel to offset lost business from retail partners. These initiatives allowed us to navigate the crisis without long-term consequences.

Our quick success and popularity have also brought growing pains. Keeping up with demand and scaling operations appropriately has been difficult. We have taken several steps to facilitate our expansion:

  • Brought on additional staff and increased production capacity

  • Upgraded our facilities and equipment

  • Streamlined processes to boost efficiency

  • Created detailed growth plans and timelines to strategically progress in a sustainable manner

While experiencing temporary setbacks, we have overcome every obstacle in our path through ingenuity, teamwork, and persistence. The challenges we have faced have made us stronger and better equipped to achieve our vision of becoming India’s top D2C food and beverage brand. Our future remains bright as we continue gaining momentum and pursuing new opportunities for development. Overall, we are in an excellent position to build on our achievements and reach new heights.

We have persevered in the face of difficulties and are poised for success. The future is ours to shape as we carry on with passion and purpose.

The Road Ahead: Going Global

Expansion into International Markets

As a team, we feel we have achieved strong growth and success in establishing Naturalism Food Labs as a trusted brand in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. Our next ambitious goal is to expand globally by opening 100+ stores internationally over the next 3-5 years, providing healthy, natural fast food options to customers worldwide.

Strategic Partnerships

To facilitate international expansion, we plan to forge strategic partnerships with major food and beverage companies in target markets. By licensing our brand and products to experienced partners, we can rapidly scale into new regions without the high costs of building stores and operations from scratch in unfamiliar territory. Partners will operate Naturalism Food Labs outlets, with our team providing oversight, training, and product sourcing. We aim to identify partners that share our values of providing nutritious, responsibly-sourced food.

Product Localization

While maintaining our brand identity and standards, we will work with partners to localization products for regional tastes and customs. Our menu will be adapted to suit local culinary preferences and traditions while still being recognizably "Naturalism." Vegetarian, vegan, and Jain options will remain a priority to serve our core customer base, even as we expand into new regions.

Phased Global Rollout

Rather than an aggressive, undifferentiated global rollout, we will take a phased approach, focusing first on markets with large populations of vegetarians and those interested in natural, healthy eating. Initial target markets include the Middle East, select European countries, and East Asia. We envision Naturalism Food Labs ultimately becoming a globally trusted brand, but we will get there one strategic partnership and one region at a time. Our measured strategy for international growth will set Naturalism Food Labs up for sustainable success in the coming years.


As we continue our rapid growth and expansion into new product lines and markets, we remain deeply committed to the core values and mission that have brought Naturalism Food Labs this far. By maintaining our relentless focus on using only the highest quality, sustainably and ethically sourced ingredients to create delicious, nutritious products, we believe we can transform the way people eat and drink for the better. The recognition as a top D2C startup validates our vision, but we know we still have a long way to go to achieve our goals. With the ongoing support of our dedicated team, loyal customers, and investors who share our vision, we are confident we will continue leading the pack in building a healthier, happier world.

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